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For Sale By Owner


A typical For Sale By Owner ad found on Zillow or craigslists states that at a Seller is willing to pay a buyers agent 3% to bring a buyer! Keep that in mind as you review this chart.

Steps to sell by Owner

1. Get your home ready to sell

2. Take Photos (most people are no good at this)

3. Come up with a sales price 

4. List is on Zillow

5. Field 350 calls from realtors claiming to have a buyer with the true motivation of getting you to list with them

6. Field 100 calls from "Investors" that just took a class on how to make money in real estate with no money, ie; your money

7. Field 50 Cash investors that want to offer you much less than market value, get you under contract then beat you up at inspection to reduce the price more

8. Finally negotiating an offer with a Realtor that will have you sign an unrepresented seller agreement to pay them 3.0% commission and sign away any loyalty protections to you

9. The deal will likely close and you will have saved 3.0% commission. But who knows how much this cost you in the negotiation, time, and frustration. 

Steps to sell with Me

1. Get your home ready to sell 

2. Click here to list your home


3. I set you up with my photographer for under $200.00 you get a professional, wide angle photo shoot, my sign and lock box. 

4.  We come up with sales price based on a market analysis. Zillow "Zestimates" are rarely accurate.

5. . I field all the phone calls and set up the listing so you get notified when we have an actual interested party

6. We close the deal and you still pay out that 3.0% commission. Sometimes less than that. Because if we get a buyer that is not represented and you are willing to show the home I only double my fee to represent both sides. 

You Save THOUSANDS! and can be assured your interests were put first!

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