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Karyn Nelsen

I am a Modern-Day Real Estate Agent that understands how people buy and sell homes today. I use that knowledge to put more money in my client’s pockets. A full time Realtor with a high volume of sales, who is consistently a top producer showing up in the top 100 of all 50,000 or so Realtors in Arizona. I have more negotiation experience than most agents get in a lifetime of real estate. When you work with me you get a reduced commission rate but my services are far from reduced. 


My name is Karyn Nelsen, I started my 1/2% listing program in 2014 after I got my real estate license. I started out like all the other 50k Arizona agents working for a prominent broker and following the plan. I like to have a plan, as a residential home builder for 20 years having a plan makes sense to me. I did well as a new agent and followed the plan precisely and made a few sales. 

I soon realized that running after that 6% payday was far more exhausting, time consuming, and futile then anything I have ever done. Since we know that people shop on line for homes and find them on sites like Zillow and Real Estate Agents no longer hold the only keys to the kingdom and I could not justify taking 6.0% of someones money.

When I started there was a few "Help You Sell" / "Flat Fee" programs out there but they were, and most still are, extremely limited service and did not offer even the basics of making sure offers are being reviewed and presented on time. Getting someone on the phone is also a challenge.  I saw the opportunity to offer clients a full service program at a fraction of the cost. Since I am no longer driving around begging sellers to pick me and pay me 6.0% I am able to be at my desk working, answering my phone and doing deals, negotiating the best outcome for my clients, ensuring deadlines are met, and paperwork is done correctly and on time. 

In today's world everything is done on line, The MLS is syndicated ALL OVER THE WORLD automatically when a listing agent posts your home. Many agents tell tales of how THEY are going to market your home in California or Canada, etc.. Guess what? It happens with a push of a button on the MLS. 

My favorite part is when I get that referral and testimonial from my clients that not only saved THOUSANDS of dollars in commission but saved tons of headaches and stress by having an experienced, full time, available agent take care of what is many times the largest financial transaction a person makes. 


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